Do you think the Gurus of internet marketing share their secrets with you? What do you think? Ok let me ask you this way. If you had a secret that was earning you millions or a secret that was adding thousands to your email lists would you tell others what it is? Perhaps you have a brand new product idea and after a bit of research you can see noone else has marketed it. Would you tell others about it before patenting it? Marketing it yourself perhaps!

Of course you would’nt!

The gurus tell you their secrets BUT only after they have milked them for all there worth. Usually the secret you get told has been flayed to the bones for about two years before you even hear about it! So what’s my point here? Well perhaps it’s this. Why not do your own testing and become your own guru. I mean that’s ALL a guru is anyway. Just a normal guy who does lots of testing to see what works and what does’nt! You can do that for yourself you know and et voila next thing you know your name will be up in lights with Corey and Marlon ehhh 🙂