With more and more people having internet connectivity, e-commerce is on rise. Internet marketing is seeing much more growth than the usual retail marketing. Today its more convenient to switch on the computer, browse the sites for the required product, compare offerings by different companies, make a choice and finally seal the deal with online payment. All this while enjoying the comfort of one’s home or office table. With millions of people turning to internet for shopping there has been sudden quest among the sellers to go for internet marketing. This has made the competition in internet marketing very high.

Almost anyone can start an online business attributing to its low initial investment. But to get make that online business a success requires huge effort which is often ignored by the companies. No doubt there are companies making huge profit through internet marketing but a lot is required to reach to the targeted customers and have that right brand image. In order to strive in this highly competitive market one must have a well formalised plan and a good marketing campaign to attract as much traffic volume as possible. All this requires a good background research and consistent effort.

To start with one must have a well defined objective for the internet marketing. One must be clear what is needed to be achieved through internet marketing. As in whether an increase in awareness among the non-users is required or informing about new services to the present customers. Knowing your competitors is also very important and knowing them on internet domain is easier. Consider the keywords that a prospective customer might search online while searching for your product. The top results should be then analysed to identify the relevant competitors and to understand what could be ones differentiating factor. This activity can also provide insight about what are the core competencies of the competitors and what are the parameters that should be focussed on while campaigning for ones product.

One important consideration while going for online marketing is choosing the modes. As important is segmenting and targeting for retail marketing so is it for online marketing as well. Identifying the modes which will serve best to attract the desired targeted segment is important and so is getting the desired traffic which can be achieved through various ways like the pay per clicks wherein the company pays for every click on their ads or the usual organic search engine ranking, emails etc. Implementing the right internet marketing strategies is the key to success for the online business.