I have been reviewing Brad Fallons more than excellent course on SEO. You know I have lost count of the number of courses I have read on this much discussed topic (most of it Bollox), and to be honest this is the best one I have come across. Smoke and mirrors abound in the SEO world and Brad manages to cut right to he chase and present what you need to do in clear and concise terms.

Because of the way in which 15dn gets it’s business (Client to Client recommends) I have to admit that I have not bothered with SEO at all on the site! Even so we still get a PR of 4 from Google and this is with no linking strategy at all in place! All this is about to change as with the new site we are going to be doing our own SEO and putting our money where our Mouth is so to speak 🙂

Racing this weekend in London! Round 3 of the endurance champs and with 4 points seperating the top 5 we need to do well 🙂 lets hope so eh. Race update next week.