There is little that is more frustrating as a webmaster than waiting for Google to list your site. When you have your site up and running, it usually means that you’re all set to bring in the clients and have the money start rolling in. To do this, you will most certainly need Google’s help, as it is the current leader – by far – of the search engine world.

Unfortunately, the current wait time is typically between six and nine months for the listing of any given site. That’s just the indexing itself, and doesn’t even include the ranking process.

If you are like most webmasters, the odds are that this is far too long for your marketing strategy and business plan.

Certainly, it is possible to pay a search engine for a faster listing, but why would you fork over a relatively large sum of money, when you can achieve the same results for free?

Indeed, you did not read wrong. There is a perfectly legal, simple way to achieve a listing with Google within twenty four hours that involves neither complex programming nor substantial quantities of your time.

The trick is as follows. Begin by finding websites in your search engine category, at least one of which has obtained a ranking of PR 5 or higher. Exchange links with these sites. That’s it!

This technique works every single time, not only with brand new sites, but also with sites that have been live for quite some time but that have not yet been indexed.

To discover the sites in your category, simply use Google’s search engine for one of your keywords. The list that is produced is the list that you will want to work with for exchanging links.

For even better results, combine this technique with the submission of your site to several good directories. There are many good, free directories available. You could also consider submissions to paid directorys also especially the ones with high PR themselves.

It’s easy, and it works every single time!