Well not me exactly 🙂 But this guy did here

In internet marketing terms he has indeed won the lottery. A mix of fad, originality and quirkiness will ensure his 5 minutes of fame (and it is indeed only 5 mins)

But before you all rush off to buy a seemingly cheap PR 7 link! In Pure SEO terms it aint worth squat! A link from a PR7 page with loads of links to other pages is NOT gonna do you any favours at all. I guess in pure traffic terms you might get some traffic from the page while the hype is hot, but im not sure how much would convert to sales be honest. It’s hardly gonna be targeted traffic now is it?

I guess the sad part of it all is that if I had put up a site doing a similar thing but giving all the money to a worthy cause I bet my bottom dollar It would’nt have done half as well if at all! I tip my hat to the guy and hope he enjoys his fame and money but it does show how sad and fickle our little world is does it not? Pixel anyone? Only a dollar!