American Express isnt for everyone!

Oh how that campaign must have pissed people off! Well the people that are skint that is! The whole thrust of the letter was that it made the recipient FEEL special if they had money. It evoked an emotional response from them and better still made them want to prove to American Express that, yes indeed you are correct I am special, I have money and thus to prove it you I will have one of your cards, ta very much 🙂

If you want to sell you have elicit a strong EMOTION in your prospect! People don’t almost buy anything. They (You) are very emotionally attached to their (your) cash! Your offer therefore has to trigger a stronger emotion than their cash is so that they part with their hard earnt for it!

American Express did’nt give a flying FCUK if they upset people that could not afford one of their cards, because they were not interested in having those people as their customers anyway! Just as FCUK don’t care if they upset all the dads and moms in the land. They are targeting a teenage market and for a teenager it’s all the better if mom hates it 🙂