Most web surfers remain on your website for about 10 seconds before giving up! Did you now that? Here is a list of items that will distract (annoy) your customer for those ten seconds and help him to leave your site!

1. Animations
2. Fancy logos
3. Flash
4. Spinny gifs
5. Banners

Here is a list of items that will keep your potential customer with you for longer than 10 seconds

1. Content
2. Keyword rich articles that relate to what she/he is searching for and you are selling
3. keyword rich reports relating to what she/he is searching for and you are selling
4. Did I mention content
5. Keyword rich content the search engines love
6. An interesting regularly updated blog

Search engines catalogue CONTENT! Not flash, Not imagery (some exceptions), Not logos or spinny gifs either. They like text in the form of content because it tells them who you are and what you are and enables them to index you according to relevance.

Potential customers are generally looking for the same stuff the search engines are. Of course there are exceptions to this if say I am looking for images for design purposes.

So FORGET the fancy stuff until you are HUGE and need to establish brand recognition. Untill that time concentrate on content and on keeping your potential customers happy. How do you keep them happy? Simply give them what they want. And what do we all want?

Information (content) relating to what we are searching for which helps us solve our problems.



Did it take you more than ten seconds to read that? Thats what content does 🙂