As we say in marketing circles. It’s all in the title 🙂 And I can imagine that this title piqued your interest a tad today!

I have in my life sold most things to most types of people 🙂 What I have observed is this. If you approach 500 people with your product or service, you will sell to more of them face to face than you ever will over the phone! You will sell more over the phone than you ever will by direct mail, and more by direct mail than you ever will over the internet.

So what do we conclude? It’s quite simple really. As the barriers between your customer and YOU increase, so does the resistance. And sadly so does the abuse!

The person who listens to you and then tells you politely in a face to face situation that they’re “not really interested thank you very much”,

will be the same person who says “I’m too busy to talk to you!” before slamming down the phone,

and the same person who scrawls “Bollox” across your direct mailing piece before returning it in the envelope you’re paying for!,

and exactly the same person who emails you back to say “Go F*** yourself you ass***!”

So when looking at your Blog, Website or even your direct mailing piece that Bob Bly would be proud of 🙂 Try to think about the way you communicate with your customers and potential customers, and the effect the barriers that are there have on them.