So what has internet marketing got to with fencing then? Not much apart from that fencing keeps you away from your computer and more importantly Blog 🙁

We had a quote to fence our 3 acres at the back of the house you see and the quote we had came to £10.800 (about $18.000) So me being me said no probs lets buy the posts etc and do it ourselves ROFL. Man I have never worked so hard ever! Now I know why I work with my brain and not my hands 🙂 Not only that but we only managed to get half done so still loads to do 🙁

So Appologies for being absent with leave. Oh and thanks for the comments on the new site design, very positive.

Tommorow I am going to run through all the software I use to promote a Niche site, because it appears to be a lot 🙂