Today I have been served a cease and desist email from a rather large corporation! I dont want to name names here (can you get in trouble for that too in our complicated modern world)?! But they dont like my

Adwords-Masterclass Domain name.

They want me to stop using it and transfer it to them 🙁 Apparently it contravenes the American law (that I hadnt heard of)

Anti-cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act (“ACPA”)

I have lots of questions regarding this email as you can well imagine! Not least is this? Am I a Uk citizen provision to Amercian laws on an internet that is not policed by any one body and when Im not an American and dont live there? Most confusing huh!

After 5 mins of research I found several other domain names that are similar in nature to mine and also promoting similar products or services. Your comments on this are most welcome. Have a great weekend


Any lawyers care to comment?

David and Goliath! No prizes for guessing my role then huh! Anyone got a packet of gravel?