Purchasing an ad on a webpage that links back to your site is a great way to advertise your website. This is especially true if you can advertise on popular websites that are frequently visited by your target audience. Search engines will not cause you any grief if you choose to market your site by purchasing text link ads, so there is no reason why you can’t use this method to boost targeted traffic.

Of course, not everyone purchases ads for the purpose of generating targeted traffic. Some choose to buy ads on websites to falsely increase the link popularity of the advertised site. This likely doesn’t come as much surprise to you, nor does it surprise the search engines. After all, if you can increase your popularity through website ads, regardless if they appeal to your target market or not, you’ll probably do it.

However, you shouldn’t forget that search engines have been designed to think that a link means an Internet user has found a useful site, and wants to inform others of its existence. While in the past links were used for this purpose, today the story is much different. Now links could be used as ads, trade between webmasters, or even as a vote opposing another website.

Moreover, webmasters currently have the ability to disable tracking codes on links, because their web analytics software no longer requires these codes to determine their investment return. Thus, search engines have no way of knowing the intention of a link.

Due to the fact that paid ads are creating chaos with search engine algorithms, search engines are constantly updating and conducting research to discover the intent of a link. How can they do this? Most text link advertisements and the websites that sell them, leave some type of coded trail behind. All the search engine needs to do, is investigate to discover what the last coded trails are, find all the pages that feature them, and no longer permit these pages to gain link popularity.

What does this mean for those who purchase ads? It means that if your site is dependent on paid link popularity, your rankings could take a dive. Understand, search engines aren’t trying to penalize anyone for purchasing ads, as search engines are also a type of advertising company themselves. The method they use to discover the legitimacy of text links, is simply a way for them to only count votes and not advertisements.

Therefore, if you are generating genuine traffic from the text links you buy, or are using your ads to boost your SEO campaign, you won’t have a problem developing a good ranking in search engines. Establishing a high ranking is only going to be a problem for those whose popularity depends on selling or buying text link advertisements in order to increase traffic.