Imagine that all of the search engines weren’t working one day – not that this will happen, so don’t start panicking or anything – and you need to market your website somehow without them. How would you manage that? If you haven’t thought of this question before, you have not considered all of your options for marketing your website and bringing in the largest number of sales.

The reality is that when you are promoting your website, most of the time you should be doing so with a search-engine free mentality. Indeed, it would be ideal if you could achieve top ranking search engine results for all of your best keywords, but until that happens, you will need to find other methods for making sure that you continue moving your products and services. After all, didn’t your mother ever tell you not to put all of your eggs into one basket?

So what are these mysterious methods that you can use, other than search engines, to get buying customers to your website? They may not be as uncommon as you think, but you may just never have thought of them. They include:

– Press Releases
– Listing with Directories
– Article submissions to different article and subject/topic sites
– Newsletters and e-zines
– Blogs and RSS Feeds

True enough, it is likely very safe to believe that search engines will always be around for finding what we need on the internet. However, basing your entire marketing strategy on search engine optimizing is limiting yourself dramatically. You are ignoring many of the most cost-effective and results producing methods out there.

Just remember to keep the right mentality that you need to market from various different places, and not just on those ever-changing search engines.