Well Well.

I thought I would post this rather than bury it in the comments Here

On Friday after much consideration I sent a lengthy email to Google stating the reasons I would like to keep and continue to use Adwords-Masterclass

I was of course the picture of politeness and most humbly asked if I could be allowed a dispensation and keep the domain. To say I was shocked when they said yes is an understatement 🙂 One minute im being threatened with $100.000 lawsuits, the next it’s ok for me to keep it as long as I

A. Put a larger disclaimer

B. Lose the Google logo im using

Fair enough 🙂 Thanks Google for listening to what is in comparison to you, the little guy 🙂 ta very much your all chaps.


Just goes to show that a little humbleness and actually asking foir what you want in a clear way can work wonders for you and your business 🙂