I had to jump on this bandwagon started of by Scott Boulch 🙂 If you have not seen it or indeed read it you can get it here


It’s a very interesting report to be honest and a GREAT example of good viral marketing! But is it true what he says? Yes and No is what I would say 🙂 And no that’s not a cop out Its just that it makes me smile that only in this GAME do people spend so much time and effort on what other people are saying and or doing and not enough time and effort on doing themselves! let me give you an example.

A good mate of mine owns a decorating suppliers. he supplies paint and supplies for decorating to industry and also to the public from his warehouse. He makes LOTS of profit. He works hard everday on his business. What he does not do is run around reading articles posted by other decorating store owners on how they are running their business! He does not even talk to them much to be honest. He does’nt need to because he KNOWS his game. Now dont get me wrong here there is LOTS of good information out there on the internet presented by the GURUS! You know them, that rare breed that seem to know everything 🙂 But you must understand that they are trying to sell you something! Thats their GAME and they know it well 🙂 But I digress 🙂

So is Adsense dead? Well why dont you try and find out for yourself for once! Do your own testing, setup your own sites and get your own results and then you will know for sure huh 🙂 Alternativly you could always run your business based on what other people tell you!

I also find it interesting that most if not all of the gurus actually have real business models. Look at Brad Fallon with myweddingfavors! He is selling a real product not a click or and idea! Mike Filsaime is selling real products and scripts! Brad Callon is selling real products and scripts! I myself have a Horse site a House site (in development) a links site and sites selling real courses Hmmm see them theme emerging here? I hope so.