Even the kindest, most selfless customer is best impacted by an ad that is all about him or her. The world has an “it’s gotta be about me” attitude about products and services that they buy. I know I do 🙂

This means that when they shop, ads, and other marketing strategies have to speak directly to the customer. You have to let them know exactly how your product or service will benefit them, and you have to do it fast, or you won’t have any affect at all. This is especially so with this internet of ours!

It’s just that easy.

This is, in fact, now considered to be the very heart of internet marketing strategies. It is a mad race to show the world that you will be giving its shoppers exactly what they want, and telling them why they need it so badly. Techniques include ads not only online, but now also in the mobile phone industry to boot!

Since text messages, music, and television are all available on cellular phones, it is easy to have ads that would usually be sent to email, sent instead directly to the cell phone user, right at the time that they’re most interested in buying.

Cell phone giants have studied the way that internet marketing works and are quickly applying it to cellular phone advertising – an industry quickly making millions of dollars.

The funny thing is that it actually relates to the internet’s SEO – Search engine optimization. This is because of the keywording patterns that are used. Since you need to know precisely what phrase you are targeting, what keywords will make the user most likely to head to your site, store, or other location, you will need to have experience on your side.

SEO has been doing this for years, in an attempt to find the best search words for search engines.

So today, when you want to create the best ad, remember that it’s all about the customer.

• How would he or she search for your service when using a search engine or directory on the internet?

• How would your target market identify your product or service?

• What are the greatest benefits of what you sell?

• Most importantly, what small phrase or short sentence would make them want to change what they’re doing right now, and head out to get your product or service right away?

It’s important to identify these elements so that you can spread your marketing campaign beyond the reaches of the usual internet, and into the world of cellular technology.

It’s what works with the customer, and when it comes to the customer, “it’s gotta be about me”.