Hi All

I am it appears I realy am turning into John Cleese in my old age 🙁 Im not sure if thats a good or bad thing but let me relate another tale from my mad life!

Last night a friend and I decided to sample Vienna’s culinary delights 🙂 We met up at Stephansplatz and decided to try an eatery that we hadnt been to before. All was going well until it came to the desert 🙁 Now you see I have my peculiar ways 🙂 and I do so like pancakes with lemon and sugar mmmmm its an English thing I know!

The menu showed crepes (pancakes) BUT they come filled with icecream 🙁 Waiter? In my best German “ick spreken keine deutsch” ok lets try in English 🙂

`Could I have the crepes but without the icecream please`? he looks at me a bit strange and then says “but its not on the menu” `Yes I know I say but it is a simple matter to leave the icecream out when the chef makes them up isnt it`. `let me ask he says`. I can taste them already mmm.

The manager comes over. `Can I help you sir` `Yes please I say`. `Can I have the crepes but without the icecream I say`. He looks at the waiter and they both consult the menu. “But sir its not on the menu”! Smiling. `Yes I know its not actually on the menu but can`t you tell the chef to leave the icecream out when he prepares them`? `Let me ask the chef` the manger says.

This really did happen to me!

The chef comes out. So now I have a crowd at my table and my freind is pissing himself laughing at me 🙁 So I ask the chef? `When you make my crepes and you get to the point that you have the icecream spoon in your hand, just quickly put it down and bring them out to me without the icecream in please` (is this so hard)

He consults with the Manager as he does not speak English too well 🙁 “It cant be done”! they all say as its not on the menu. `Yes I know its not on the menu but cant you see how simple it is to make me happy`. “Yes but its not on the menu they all say”. By this time my mate has had to leave the table because he sniggering so much (git)

At this point I realised that I have turned into John Cleese because things like this always happen to me 🙂 I actually gave up and ordered the crepes with icecream in only to scrape it all out!

Don`t get me wrong here I do like the Austrians but in the UK the customer is always right 🙂 Apparently not in Austria or Germany for that matter 🙂

If your not on the list you aint coming in! or alternativly if its not on the menu you cant have it!