Now I’ll bet that title got you huh 🙂 I shall attempt to explain the connection 🙂

Just the other day I watched the new movie about Hitler, very good I thought, although not much I didnt know already being a student of history like I am. Yes the man was a complete Psycho.

I was particularly struck though by the end sequences where Hitler stands up and explains why the people need to lose all of their freedoms so the state can protect them against the nasty terrorist types that had just burned down the reichstag 🙂 Trust us we know best! Quite poignent that it was Hitlers cronies who burnt it down but there you go! This made my thoughts drift back to when I caught my flight the week before from Linz to the UK. There was a small notice at check-in that said

“All passengers flying to the USA must SUBMIT to having their fingerprints taken and a photgraph on entry. If you do not want to SUBMIT to this then do not board the plane.”

I then thought about the Patriot act (nice term that) And how much it mirrors the so called protections that Hitler put in place in his day, all for the sake of protecting the masses from the nasty terrorist types! Not to mention the UK act that allows foriegn nationals to be imprisoned without trial if they are suspected of being or having terrorist associations!

Personally I have absolutly nothing against Americans God bless em all 🙂 Hell I even have relatives in Vermount (nice pretty place) And I thoroughly enjoyed my vist to SF when I was in battlebots and really did like the peoples outward friendliness towards me.

But I would not now travel to the land of the FREE! Simply on principle that I do not want to be treated like a potential criminal and I also do not trust governments with my data, yes the data that is sent to the US concerning all the passengers on the plane flying in. I dont like Spam myself and this data will build a massive database of ALL the people traveling to the US and then be used to market with among other possibly more sinister things!

You do NOT protect people by limiting their FREEDOMS and monitoring their every move. You achieve exactly what Hitler achieved in his day. Fear and more Fear, less and less Freedom.

To my American readers.

Your constitution was won through the blood sweat and tears of very brave men (and women) by fighting us Brits and kicking us out 🙂 I would not be so hasty in letting it be so watered down!


On pain of death I have been forced to ammend my post! Her indoors is a keen horse lover and wants to visit Monty Roberts at his ranch for a Horse Whispering holiday. So I can stamp me feet all I like. I can postulate and formulate and come up with the best philosophical arguments I can imagine to cement my position!

But guys my post post was in error it’s the women who hold all the power! Yes dear just packing what time is the flight!


Humbled by his missus…