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A Google AdWords Agency in Dubai that focuses on improving the ROI of your ads

As a full-scale digital marketing company, 15Degrees-North is effective and efficient at achieving success with paid media, such as in this case of Google PPC Advertisements.

15Degrees-North is the Best Google AdWords Agency in Dubai for High-ROI Search Advertising Campaigns

When you want to avoid making expensive mistakes, you need to partner with a Google AdWords Agency in Dubai that knows Google Ads well enough.

Did you know click fraud can waste 20-30% of any PPC advertisers’ budget?

All members of our Google Ads team are appropriately certified. We have spent many years running successful campaigns for numerous companies involved in different industries.

Our journey with 15Degrees started after we had been through no less than 4 other agencies! All had promised us they could deliver our vision, all had failed for a variety of reasons. Mark has a technical knowledge that is quite frankly unsurpassed and Adam is one of the most professional account managers we have come across.

We work with them to this day and they handle all of our AdWords campaigns, hosting and website needs.

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Think about it. We don’t say “search for it” - instead, we say “google it.”

This is a direct result of people finding incredibly useful information by using Google’s search engine. If you think this is an accident or coincidence, then think again.

In order to store and show accurate information about other businesses, Google has developed a tool called Google My Business. Basically, this is our

If you follow the simple steps in this FREE guide, Google will give you the equivalent of a FREE, full page, full colour ad.


We offer a comprehensive range of Google Ads services to get more clicks, traffic, and conversions, including:

Specialist strategy planning and implementation
In-depth industry competitor analysis
Advertisement creation and optimization
Optimization tips, suggestions and ROI measurements
Comprehensive keyword searches
Continual campaign monitoring and tracking
Regular progress reports
Enhanced campaign consultation (including the likes of day-parting and geo-targeting)

15Degrees-North is the Best Google AdWords Agency in Dubai for High-ROI Search Advertising Campaigns

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