So the federal judge saw sense and decided to rule in favour of Google 🙂

It is now OK to bid on trademarked terms in Google adwords campaigns you just cant use them in the ad itself! Good news for smaller marketers and affiliates, bad news for large companys! or is it?

The huge insurance company Geico had sued Google over the fact that when people search for “Geico Insurance” other insurance company’s ads show up on the right side of the window in adwords ads thus tempting away traffic.

Now whilst I agree it did indeed cost them a lot of money in brand name and reputation buiding to get someone to search for Geico in the first place. I dont agree that this will harm them! Far from it, all they have to do is start an affiliate program of their own and then all the little ad-words ads will be about Geico anyway 🙂 I search for Geico insurance and bam ups pops all the adwords ads mentioning them.