or does it?

Well the news I was expecting finally came through. Google AdWords have announced a new policy that on first glance appears to have devastating consequences for people playing the ‘lets make a million with affiliate sales’ game.

To be honest though I don’t see it that way. The Adwords system is very clever, having literally become the world’s fastest and easiest INSTANT business. Its just so simple. You find a product that you can re-sell as an affiliate and then hop over to Google and advertise it using their PPC adwords system. Et Voila you have an almost instant business without I might add all the headaches (I have ahem)!

The problem with this has always been that for some products, half the damned ads in Adwords for a particular keyword or search term were from affiliates just like you. these affiliates were all advertising the same product/service. This sadly made Google look bad.

So the wise men at Google sat down around their big shiney table and made a new rule. “I know” one said. We will only display two Adwords ad’s for the same website at the same time. Only the ad’s with the best click through rate will show up. We will also make it so that affiliates dont have to put the ‘Aff’ In their ad at all.

What this means is that for ANY given keyword or search term, only one
or two affiliates can play the game now. On first glance most affiliates are not very happy about this at all! But Wait! This is NOT as bad as it first sounds.


Well for starters with the old system if there were more than two affiliates promoting the same product, in Most cases they were just bidding up the Cost per Click to such a point where it was difficult to make any money at all! Not only that but as far as Google was concerned, multiple numbers of affiliates promoting the same web page did not add any value. Google wants more diversity and relevance in their search results.

So what to do then?

Become a better affiliate 🙂 And you do this by adding more content, more value, and more information to the sale process itself. The days of just brokering traffic are over! Google’s new policy effectivly shuts the door on the lazy marketers who didnt make much money anyway) but did push up the bid prices!

If you are advertsing your own product then the new rule makes no difference to you, apart from that you will have to have the destination URL the same as the display URL in your ad.