Some git has nominated me for the Peacock Award ROFL LOL The award for self importance! I dont know whether to be flattered or annoyed to be honest.

As we are sponsors I did’nt think we were allowed to be nominated. I thought if we did we might get a shot at WEB DESIGN perhaps! Nope the bloody Peacock award it is 🙁

So in case you don’t know what self imprtance is…

self-im¡por¡tance (slfm-pôrtns)

Excessively high regard for one’s own importance or station; conceit.

If you think that fits me and this Blog please feel free to vote. At the moment we have NO votes thankfully 🙂 Still perhaps it would be nice to beat Mark Cuban ha ha ha


I am off now to find the friend that did this wicked deed!