You can’t edit your Boosted Post!

Oh I can just see your frustration on this one. You’ve boosted your post and then gone and looked at it and realised you have missed off the link, or maybe you would like to add some more or better imagery to the post.

Good luck.

You will find that once you have boosted it the icon for editing it goes away!


One of our Clients Tongue in Cheek Chocolate Gifts company have given us permission to run through this issue on one of their posts. I’m going to show you how you can get around this issue without calling Facebook support in.

So as you can see here in this image. The post is pinned to the top of the page and also boosted. This is a small campaign we are running for them for a little chocolate giveaway. Now who does not like a chocolate giveaway?

chocolate gifts


We only just started this campaign for them and it has a modest daily budget but we already have some nice social proof and it is starting to gain traction now.

Chocolate gifts UK


However we wanted to edit the post and add in some additional imagery and this is where you come unstuck if you don’t know how to do it. So How do you do it then?


Firstly you need to go into your Business Manager for the Advert account in question. Like this. Click on Ads manager.

Facebook Business Manager



Then once inside your ad account select the campaign, ad set and advert so you see this.

Facebook Digital Marketing


Then click the edit ad icon that the blue arrow is pointing at and you should see this.

Digital Marketing



Click the button “Change Post” It will bring up a list of posts in a box that looks like this.

Digital Marketing Company


You can select ANY post from this list, it does not matter which one. Just click on one of them and then click continue.

Facebook Marketing

The last thing you do is click publish on the new post.

Digital Marketing Agency


What you have done is released the post you boosted from the advert and now when you go back to the post on the page the edit button will be back. Make sure the new post you just selected is NOT running up your ad budget so turn it off.

Now you can go back to your Facebook page, edit the post, make your changes and then you can boost it again.

Et Voila. Job done…

Happy Editing..