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The Ultimate Content Marketing Team is at Your Disposal

We have a team of thirty-five content marketing specialists who work around the clock to ensure that our clients receive their share of the amazing six million words we produce right here each month. Content is considered the foundation of online marketing. Content is the main thing that keeps people coming back to the web again and again.

In recent years, the world has seen a huge decline in the digestion of printed information and more and more people want to be able to get up-to-date content when they’re on the go. There are so many different ways now to digest information from the web and more and more people are able to get the information they want while doing other things like jogging or working.

With this information in mind, one of the most important things you will want to focus on is getting your information in front of all of those people – instead of your competitor’s information. This is the battle everyone in content marketing faces on a daily basis.

The quality of content will help determine who is going to look at your page and stay and ultimately become a paying customer. Creating this content will make your business more profitable. Focusing on your content is what will keep your site relevant. Think of it as the food for the consumers of your site. If they don’t like the taste of it they are not going to come back for more, let alone recommend it to someone else.

You don’t want to rely on a nice design that can potentially lure a client in, if after they get there the content is boring to them and they end up leaving. This is not to say that you shouldn’t have some good graphics and market on social media websites – just don’t forget to make your on-site content amazing. It doesn’t do any good to have people go to your site if they are going to eventually leave, never come back and never recommend your site to others. This shows you just how important your content is when it comes to making sure you have a successful site.

Content from 15Degrees-North

We have made a name for ourselves in the Search Engine Optimisation realm, but you may not realise that we also have a superb staff who specialise in producing content. They will tailor content to your needs and recommend to you only content that is going to generate for you the business that you are looking for.

We have SEO specialists, but also project managers, and those who will create future content for you. We at 15Degrees-North make certain that your site is going to have the highest quality content – content that is going to make your conversion rates rise with excellent SEO that gets you the best possible rankings on Google.

This means that we will be focusing on your target audience and we utilize safe SEO strategies that will get those rankings for you.

With regards to online content’s importance, we know that it needs to speak to your audience and be key to what the market needs at that moment so that your rankings are increased.

We know, too, that unless good content is marketed wisely it’s not going to do the job and may even harm your business.

That is why the content marketing you will get from 15Degrees-North is so key to your success. It will blend every element required through the work of a dedicated team’s hard work.


There is power in blogging. Blogging can bring your present and future customers to you and it can also act as a tool you use to reach out to them. It’s an appealing approach that will enhance your content strategy. In fact, studies have shown that marketers that bank on blogging are 13 times more likely to earn a positive return on their investment than non-bloggers.

Our cooperative content specialists are resourceful, competent, and skilled at developing valuable content which will help strengthen your brand.

Blogging has proven to be an intelligent business method that links more customers to you. Blogging takes time, energy, and a certain skill level that we understand not all businesses are able to invest in. 15Degrees-North helps you manage and control your blogging targets.

We understand content marketing. Some businesses can’t fathom why any other business would create blogs, videos, and interesting content with no intention of selling anything. The thing that makes content marketing so great is that it isn’t spam but rather valuable content. People will gravitate to things that interest them and veer away from spam – and it’s not hard to tell them apart. Having all of this valuable content sparks interest in potential or existing customers and gives your business or product a chance. It looks good and it’s something you can truly take pride in. 15Degrees-North can give your brand the boost it needs in the competitive online market. It’s a powerful business strategy.

Content Phases at 15Degrees-North

Here at 15Degrees-North, we focus on the content of each individual client by looking at the different forms of content that are consumed every single day by their target market. When we do work on a piece of content for a particular client we make sure that the content is a quality piece of work that has focus and direction.

When it comes to a site like Google we are abundantly aware that they sift through content in order to take things out that are repetitive and duplicate other sites. We are determined to deliver content marketing that focuses on the proper use of keywords. We make sure that our content is not only relevant but high quality. We want to create things that are worth consuming.

At 15Degrees-North, we always do our research. We look at sources, facts and analysis of data to determine how to make a work of art for our clients, one that will draw people in and make them want to read and view the material.

We Are Transparent and Work with You

While we work on your content we allow you to look in on the techniques we use. We put together your ideas by using our knowledge from working with previous clients. We have clients in many different industries from law to automobiles. We will work with you to help determine what your specific needs are and based on that we will create landing pages specifically for you that will help to increase your viewers as well as your ranking.

We will help you to determine the length of content that will work best for you. The content that we help you create will also include backlinks in order to get you more traffic. We have people on our team who are great at blogs, guest blogs and more, all which will help you to increase your business. We will gather the most relevant data for your site. Our first resource will be you since you know your site best. We will then gather data from Google and put together everything and tailor it to your needs.

We know that Google bots will scan a site’s content in order to make sure there is nothing repetitive and to make sure the content of a site is relevant to what the reader is looking for. Our content team helps your site avoid duplication in order to help you gain better ranking and keep your customers hooked. We also emphasise copywriting skills here at 15Degrees-North, which involves the delivery of content in a way that will entice your target audience and draw them in.

We strive to make your site truly original and relevant to your readers without being pushy. We want your viewers to want to put the effort in to find your site and truly be interested in interacting with it. We work on doing this while marketing your site in a way that draws in new viewers and shows them why your site is original and worth the views. It is important to us as well to be able to include you in the process of improving your site and improving the ranking in an authentic way.

Marketing and Content Working Together

No matter the marketing strategies you use, content marketing needs to be integral to the whole endeavour. You cannot do it separately. Every kind of marketing needs high quality content and is the key factor because:

  • Social media marketing, known as SMM, relies on content marketing as content marketing must come before any social media techniques.
  • Search Engine Optimisation, known as SEO, will result in higher ranks in search results for good quality content.
  • Public Relations, known as PR, will only put out information on what readers want to know.
  • Pay Per Click, known as PPC, has to be driven by good content so that a reader will click on the link.
  • Inbound Marketing is what brings leads and traffic to the site.
  • Content Strategy is at the centre of the majority of good marketing campaigns.

In summation, the key elements of 15Degrees-North’s ability to design your great content are:

  • We write the details that readers want.
  • We understand why they need this specific data.
  • We pay attention to the deadlines as some content is time-sensitive.

We pay attention to all these elements and deliver to you the content that is going to get your business in the public eye and generating the sales you are looking for.

Performing Excellent Content Marketing

Yes, it is true that nowadays it is much easier for businesses to promote their products through the use of social media and SEO writing. But it is important to look at all aspects of the content that you’re setting in front of your audience.

We sometimes find with SEO writing the writer has become so focused on the keywords needed to ensure optimal search engine results that they forget to make the content memorable and enjoyable to their audience. Of course, SEO content should include keywords and phrases to promote traffic and ensure that it’s easily found by a possibly interested consumer. But you can’t forget to include your audience in your content.

People are looking for content that focuses on how the topic might be beneficial to their needs as an individual. They want information to be clear, concise, and straight to the point. A long article with the main objective of an SEO boost can be just as bad as a poorly written one. It can do more than just bore the audience and it can leave them with a poor image of the business.

At its core, content should be focused on information that is helpful for the reader, short, concise, and more than anything leave a lasting impression. Businesses can learn a lot from market research. You may be able to gain better insight into your audience’s interests through research of your competitors’ trending content and strategize your SEO to be more beneficial to your readers.

Choose 15degrees-North

So now that you know the basics, why choose 15Degrees-North? It’s simple; 15Degrees-North can eliminate the guesswork. While you continue to focus on all aspects of your business you can remain confident that 15Degrees-North will produce quality content for you that will leave a lasting impression on your target audience. We know how important your business is to you, which is why we prefer to keep open communication with our clients and we are happy to assist you with any concerns along the way.

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