So how is 2013 turning out for you so far? hey at least the world did nto end again eh 🙂 Bonus.

Today I want to talk about my favorite subject Web Hosting or more specifically Cloud Hosting.

A cloud hosting service is basically like a common web hosting service, with the difference that a number of computers support the management of data. It is a distributed form of hosting, with decentralized servers, with the advantage that the load can be redistributed among other computers in case one of the hosting servers crashes unexpectedly. It essentially uses the concept of cloud computing, which is increasingly becoming a rage among the new generation of programmers. The exact location of the participating computers isn’t required and cloud computing is perceived more of a service rather than a product.

The users access and store data through applications which are ‘cloud’ based, and are shared over the internet, using a web browser. The software or the programs aren’t required to be installed in the user’s computers and they can be stored in servers located remotely, thus creating a faster and hassle free computing experience. It provides empowerment of end users, giving them total control of the resources as compared to the earlier centralized server model. The user is the winner, ultimately as costs of web page hosting come down, due to lower requirement of hardware and distribution of costs among the participating hardware. Any file can be accessed from any computer, without that particular application being installed at the particular terminal. It results in a greater mobility of data, combined with increasing virtualization and device independence.

Clouds are of different kinds, depending on the cloud clients. They vary from private or public to hybrid or community clouds. But with great power comes great responsibility. Cloud hosting also suffers from the threat of some serious issues such as security and integrity of data, do you want all your valuable data stored across multiple servers that you know not where? It’s a concern. It becomes a prerogative of the hosting company to ensure the privacy of the users, which is at times, a matter of concern. And then, there’s the misuse of this great technology by hackers and other likeminded individuals. People with malicious intentions buy cloud resources and then create havoc among other clients by cracking their passwords and abusing their online privacy. Issues like these have been critically monitored continuously and we hope to have strong, impervious clouds in the coming future. But having said that, no one is denying the awesome benefits of cloud hosting. It is here to stay and like all innovations after some teething trouble will only get better.

For the normal small business owner at the moment I see little benefit. I prefer to know where my files are thanks and I like full control over my servers and what is on them.