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Complete Guide to Schema for WordPress

Complete Guide to Schema for WordPress

Now this is a topic that can give you headaches πŸ™‚ Schema! Ill try and make it as simple as possible.’s schemas allow you to mark up your website so that it is easier for external services like Google to understand what the content is really about. Whereas...

Internet tech: Talk and Digg

Here is a great site you can use for website research purposes. It’s called Talk Digger and will help you to find, follow and display conversations evolving around a subject (URL). It works like this: If you want to know who is talking about you, copy the URL,...

Internet Tech: Moving Hosts

Never again πŸ™‚ For many reasons we decided to move hosts. Simple I thought NOT! It has taken over a week with no small amount of heartache transfering databases, Blogs and applications over. Mark.

Internet Tech: Old people and technology

I had to laugh the other day. I was at my good friend Jon’s house and he mentioned that his grandad has a new mobile phone. The funny part is that he keeps his numbers on the back of the phone of a small piece of paper that is taped on πŸ™‚ I think I can see a...