So Facebook has rolled out Campaign Budget Optimisation and everyone is sort of kinda pissed off about this! Me included.


Well in Facebook’s words: “CBO (Campaign Budget Optimisation) is a way of optimizing the distribution of a campaign budget across your campaign’s ad set”

Ok, what does that mean then? Essentially it means that if you’re trying to optimize your adverts for the cheapest.


Facebook will now be performing this optimization at the campaign level and NOT at the Ad Set level like before.

Currently, your budgets are set at the Ad Set level. There is a toggle that you can turn on when creating a new campaign that has allowed us to use CBO for the last 5 months ish. That was optional and yes I played around with it myself to test it out.

Facebook will now be making this mandatory and taking the toggle away.

Facebook is doing this because they want MORE DATA. They want to see a minimum of 50 event triggers per week so that they can do their job properly. The trouble they have is that when you start splitting things up across ad sets you then need far bigger budgets in order to optimize the way Facebook wants you to as now technically each ad set needs those 50 events per week. Thus they don’t get the amount of data they want.

So this is why CBO. It leverages your entire budget by optimizing it as ones instead of split across your ad sets.

Now there is a way around this by creating multiple campaigns and having one ad set per campaign but I’m still testing that and the naming conventions for controlling it. This approach is ok if you’re doing your advertising yourself but not for an agency like us with multiple clients to track. I need strict naming convention in BM otherwise it gets messy fast.

When using CBO you will notice Facebook shift budget into just one ad (normally the most expensive one)! Keep an eye out for that.

Also when looking at your reporting for CBO you will see Facebook allocating budget into ad sets that have higher costs per results. You may be tempted to turn this ad set off! Don’t as this is caused by pacing which is a mechanism where Facebook tries to find the best possible results for you over the course of your campaign.

So in a nutshell when using CBO don’t base your decisions on the ad set costs per result but instead, look at the overall results of the campaign now.

Hope that helps you out.

Yes, Facebook is fast becoming as complex as SEO now LOL…