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At 15Degrees-North, we only do one thing -Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). This is what we excel at. We want to help our clients achieve the best search engine rankings possible. This is something that comes easily to us, because of our long experience in the field. We take the solid principals of SEO, lead generation, conversion,and analysis that we have learned and deliver it in spades for our clients so their businesses grow and evolve.

If you are not using SEO for your Cambridge business then you are only reaching about 10% of your market at best. The majority of the new business you can getnow comes from a simple Google search for your products or services. This is how your potential clients will look for your business. They will check reviews and do research online and you will want to appear highly on relevant search engine results or you will get lost in the mix. Make no mistake about it – search engine optimisation can make or break a business.

We have over thirty years of combined experience here at 15Degrees-North and that is really what sets us apart from the rest. It has been a long time since you were able to use meta tags and titles to impact rankings. Google wants to see you have authority in the niche your business is in. They want to see companies that actually care about their clients and what their clients are looking for.

Cambridge Search Engine Optimisation

People in Cambridge search for everything under the sun. If it’s somewhat related to your niche, you can be the go-to site for them to choose, building up their trust in your company. If you are able to answer their questions, you will be trusted by your clients and customers and Google will have trust in you too.

This will help you to rank well,of course, but it will also help you to gain customers, which is what you are here for. We help tons of businesses to be able to get a better ranking on Google. Here at 15Degrees-North, we help you with keyword targeting, onsite SEO, outreach, conversion optimisation, link building, and penalty removal.

We are located outside Cambridge and can offer exceptional prices because of this. An average example of what our client might spend per month is £700 and our client retention rate is an amazing 98%! Cambridge-based SEO companies will charge you up to £1200 per month for the same service but you are paying their overhead and a premium because they are located directly in Cambridge.

Search Engine Optimisation is Highly Cost Effective

SEO is the most cost-effective marketing tool around. As an example, below, you will see what a typical customer of ours pays per marketing channel:

  • Pay per click: £20.
  • Email marketing: £15.
  • Press advertising: £80.
  • SEO: £3.

If you work with us, you can save thousands of pounds a month and gain thousands of additional good leads. Who wouldn’t want to do that? This system will work even while you sleep and won’t stop working just because you quit doing it. Whatever you invest in SEO continues to help grow your brand in the future. Other forms of marketing can’t claim that.

In the last decade or so, we have seen Search Engine Optimisationreally blossom. If you had come to us around 2005, we may have only needed to charge you to do a bit of onsite work, gotten you a few links, and called it a day. Now Google is better than ever and uses many more metrics to rank Cambridge websites. Now we include content, social media, blogging, affiliate marketing, PR, conversion optimisation, video, design,and development in modern SEO.

Cambridge SEO Consultancy

Most of the time we do all of this for our clients so they don’t have to. We deal with strategy, systems, integration, link building, onsite SEO,and outreach. Sometimes we consult for larger businesses that just need a nudge in the right direction. For this type of company, we offer them a few tips, strategies, and some action plans for them to take care of the SEO on their own.

If you need a team of Cambridge SEO consultants who are passionate about what they do don’t hesitate to get a hold of us today. We want to help you out in any way we can and we won’t charge you an arm and a leg to get the job done. We are experts at what we do and are grateful when we are chosen to help.

Why 15Degrees-North is Leading the Way

Experience – We have more than three decades of combined service working with all types of organisations from small businesses all the way up to the world’s biggest industries.

Expertise – Our team is dedicated to our customers’ needs. We are focused solely on our customers to make sure our solutions are geared toward the resolution of real-world issues that they face on a daily basis.

Innovation – Our marketing team is creative, unique, and well known amongst our competitors for its achievements. We are always pushing the envelope to find the best solution for you.

Measurable Results – All of our accounts are focused on achieving a set goal that we have planned with the customer. Whether it is finding a specific audience, gaining followers, or generating a predetermined number of sales, our Cambridge SEO team is dead set on getting you the results you desire.

Accountability – We have a history of completing the projects we take on, and the reviews from our clients are outstanding.

Support – Our operation is all based in-house. We don’t rely on anyone else to manage your projects or fix your problems. We’re always there for you whether you have a simple question or a change of heart about your campaign.

How to Excel in Cambridge SEO

The most popular way to find things like products and services online is the Google search, especially with the advances in mobile technology.

It is important to take advantage of your online presence by keeping websites updated regularly and optimising your visibility on internet searches. Clients are more likely to find their way to you if your site appears first on a search.

The SEO industry is rapidly evolving and innovating. It is crucial for small business owners to stay up to date and take every opportunity to keep your business relevant.

Remember, other small business owners are also trying to be the most successful organisations in their industry, so it’s important to be on the bleeding edge of progress.

The first thing to consider is your website. Having a professional website is key. Putting quality links and professional content on your website will generate a huge audience. Making it easier for readers to view what you have to offer results in more sales.

On-site Content

When putting content on your website, make sure it is all relevant to your company. By doing this you will gain good rankings for relevant searches.

Consumers prefer quality and professional content to an overabundance of mediocre content. A major part of your website’s success is having just the right amount of content that will keep the reader engaged.

Headings are also key to your webpage’s success. Being able to capture the reader’s interest with just the right amount of words is key. You want to be able to attract that certain demographic relevant to your business. A reader will want to read the article if the headline captures their interest.

Adding specific and unique keywords will help the person to be able to reach your webpage faster than the rest. This allows the Google AI to recognise what your content is about and categorise it.
Add ALT tags to all images and non-text content. This offers an alternative text description of the image for those who cannot see the image, including search engines. ALT tags help your website to appear in search engine results when people search for images.

Let’s go back to keywords. Having too little could place you at a lower Google rating. Having anoverabundance of keywords will get you penalised and hurt your ranking. That would mean that you wouldn’t be on the first page. It also makes you appear just a bit too pushy should a visitor actually make it to your page. This makes the reader annoyed and not want to come back to your website.

Using a spell check and grammar check is a good way to prevent basic errors on your webpage. Appeal to all readers by making your content’s wording simple and to the point.
It also helps if your page loads quickly. Consumers usually want their content immediately. If your website is slow, you will definitely lose potential customers.

Be Original

Having originality is key to a webpage’s success. People want original and fresh content instead of worn-out ideas. Don’t copy other people’s articles. Use your own views and insights. This will help the reader trust your words.

Be Valuable

Your website should have valuable information relevant to the searches visitors perform. This information should be authentic and real. Having fake content and spam will make you appear as a fraud. This could be bad for your business. People will write a bad review and your traffic will decrease exponentially. From a business perspective, you want to be able to give your consumers and readers what they want – valuable and clear information.

Be Unique in Design

Another key to a good website is design. Having a unique design will help your website grow and people will want to view it more and more. A brightly coloured design for a floral website would fit. Having a dark colouredwebsite and design for a site dedicated to gaming in Cambridge would fit.

Be Focused

When it comes to the variety of content, you can have too much of a good thing. A prospective reader likes to have a bit of variety versus the same boring website that they have seen a few hundred times; just don’t have the website appear all over the place. This will confuse the reader as to the point of your website and dilute the focus of the website in the eyes of search engines.

Use Visuals

Adding a few graphs and visuals helps. This will also give readers a visual experience, making it easier for them to understand the content. This can widen your readership. It can make some of the more complex information on your site appear a lot less confusing.

Get in touch with 15Degrees-North for some examples of how graphics and visuals can help your site flourish.

Use LinkedIn

Google has decided that businesses with LinkedIn pages are more trustworthy than those without them. Therefore, you should absolutely create a LinkedIn page for your website. The effect will be increased if your staff also creates individual pages that are linked to your company.

Create Positive Human Interaction

Google notices communication between humans on your site. Make sure to stimulate conversation and positive communication. This creates good PR for your brand and increases your spot in the rankings.

Don’t Over-Optimise Your Site

If your website and campaign don’t look natural, you can dissuade potential customers from choosing you. It is likely that a site that looks over-optimised will make visitors leave right after they arrive. Don’t go overboard with your campaigns and remember to keep things looking natural.

Improve Site Navigation

Easily navigable websites are more likely to be featured at the top of relevant searches. Make sure your website is easy to use because this will improve the percentage of customers that will become clients.

Write Press Releases

Google will automatically recognise press releases as news and file them into the trends category. This means your website will be ranked higher the more often you create these new trends. If you get your press releases published across important website networks, this will increase your brand’s visibility a step further.

Optimise Your Site for Mobile

With the advent of handheld mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, more and more of the customer base for search engines is originating on the go. Smartphones are becoming the normal way to search for products and navigate websites. Making sure your site handles this traffic with ease will increase your ranking in Google and allow potential customers to make sure they can do what they need to accomplish on your site more efficiently.

Use a Localised Domain Extension

Google likes to search for companies that are localised to the end user. Thus, if you are looking for customers in a particular location, it benefits you to localise your domain extension. For example, use a domain extension.

Don’t Use Affiliate Links

If your website has too many affiliate links, Google will automatically categorise it as an affiliate website of its own. This means that it won’t be ranked as highly in the search engine results. The overabundance of affiliate links will also harm the website’s perceived quality. By creating unique, original links to relevant content, you can improve your site’s visibility dramatically.

Get Subscribers

The Google search algorithm prefers sites that have many RSS subscribers, so encourage visitors to subscribe to your feed. This will increase perceived credibility and popularity. Perceived popularity also translates to increased trustworthiness. You can encourage customers to subscribe by offering deals on your products to those that click the subscribe button at checkout.

Limit Outbound Links

If you have too many outbound links on your website, visitors and searchers might be tempted to click away from your site and explore others. This translates to a loss in traffic and business. Avoid this issue by only including links to paid advertisements and related content. Never feature links to your direct competitors.

List Your Site on Internet Directories

By listing your site on the internet’s more niche directories, you can increase your localised Cambridge SEO and your generalised SEO at the same time. This means your website will rank higher for people searching for items online that relate to your business, potentially leading to an increase in customers.

Steer Clear of Mature Content

This may seem self-explanatory, but by keeping your website appropriate for all ages, it will increase traffic and the potential customer base. Google prefers websites that refrain from mature content.

Use Wikipedia to Link to Your Site

Wikipedia is one of the most well-known and used websites in the world. Hence, it ranks very highly on search result rankings. Increase your website’s ranking by creating links from Wikipedia to the site where appropriate. This will also create more trust in your site from Google AI as it can be quite difficult to maintain links on Wikipedia unless your business is legitimately important in the industry.

Make Sure Your Website’s Purpose is Clear

It is important that your website is easy to use and clear in its intent so your visitors can use it for its intended purpose.

Maintain a Sitemap

Websites with sitemaps are much easier for search engines to crawl because it makes sites more easily indexed. Installing a sitemap will drastically increase your spot in the search rankings and can make them appear more prominent.

Don’t Cloak

Cloaking your affiliate links to hide them is bad Cambridge SEO practice that will be reflected in your ranking. Google’s robots will punish you for this kind of behaviour.

Limit Offline Time

The more maintenance you do on your site means the less time for potential customers to find you online. Make sure that your maintenance system allows for quick, efficient updates so that the site’s downtime is minimised. This means that you will also minimise the amount of lost traffic.

Link to Trusted Sites

Make sure that the links that you decide to create from your website are created using well-established websites. This will make your site more reputable to customers and Google alike.

Lay Out Your Website Properly

Along with fixing your HTML errors, a bad website layout can significantly harm the experience for your visitors. It is important that you stay updated on current trends in design and website culture so that you can keep your website looking fresh and easy to use. Make sure to use a geometric design with asymmetry. This helps to keep the design open and welcoming.

Create Localised Landing Pages

When trying to target audiences in specific locations, make sure to create specific landing pages based on keywords. If you are a shop that sells furniture in Cambridge, your landing page should include phrases like ‘Furniture shop in Cambridge so that you can target those specific search terms.

Don’t Use Spam Links

Both Google and your site’s visitors dislike spam or purchased links on your website. While it might be tempting to buy links to your site all over the web, it will not help your Cambridge SEO campaigns much at all. This happens because the vast numbers of links from unrelated sites make your website look suspicious to the Google search engine robots.

Avoid an Unnatural Number of Links

You may receive penalties if Google deems your site to have acquired an abnormally large number of backlinks from unrelated sites in a short time. Make sure to keep your campaigns natural looking by keeping the creation of links gradual and varying the links you use while utilising SEO high authority links whenever possible.

Use a Keyword in the Domain Name

Your website is more likely to be near the top of the search results if the domain name is relevant to the topic searched. Thus, it is important to keep your domain name related to your business. It is also a good idea to make the keyword you want to feature the first word in the domain name.

Use Bullet Lists

Instead of long articles, organise with bulleted lists and numbered points.

Fix Your HTML Errors

Google’s algorithm will automatically notice any errors in your HTML and lower your rating as a result. In addition, your HTML errors will harm the overall user experience for your website’s customers.

Make Sure to Use Co-Citation Links

When two links are joined together in multiple different instances, they are called a co-citation link. When the links used are relevant to the information present and related to the content on the website, they can work wonders to increase your website’s ranking.

Make Sure to Have a ‘Contact Us’ Section

Search engine algorithms give preference to websites that have lots of relevant information on them. If your website has an updated and relevant contact page, the algorithm will give you more points towards optimisation. You can even create a contact page yourself if you want to go the extra mile.

Take Advantage of Social Media

Make sure that your business has a presence on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter that is updated consistently. Post regularly to these sites to promote your business and increase traffic to your website. These posts can also increase your Cambridge SEO ranking. Just make sure all your posts and comments link back to your website.

Create YouTube Links

Google owns YouTube, so naturally, it likes to feature this portion of its product line. You can create links from your YouTube videos to your website (or vice versa) to increase traffic to your site. Websites with YouTube links and those that feature YouTube videos are more likely to be featured by Google.