I had a funny email yesterday regarding my blog here. The author of the email complained about my recent post about Humbug my new oh so cute Mini Shetland.

He basically said that he enjoyed reading my blog, but why did I have to post stuff that is not related to internet marketing all the time. At first I was annoyed it has to be said! Afterall this is MY Blog and I am the author and therfore it’s up to me what I decide to write about. Isnt it?

But that got me thinking who is right here? The author or the customer (reader) It’s an interesting point with regards to Blogs because if you dont keep your readers happy they WILL delete your feed and go elsewhere. Still in true English oddity and style I dont care 🙂 This is my blog and I am happy that lots of people like it, read it and post comments and such.


I decide what to write and also when which is why its called slightly off centre. The diary of a slightly off centre internet marketer which means posts about anything at anytime and not always marketing or design related!


Have a great weekend and I promise next week to renege on the above and post a whole bunch of money making and marketing stuff just for you 🙂