My god its been hard to get back into work this year 🙁 I guess this is the trouble when you take ages off work ehh Still im sort of back now!

As you may remember we started to optimize this site for the engines way back in June (God is it that long already) Anyway here we are 6 months later and are top of msn for one of our best keywords “web page design” well top of page two. Google is being a pain but thats because they altered radically the age algorithmn with the jagger update and with this site being a 2003 site we are a bit young. Still we are working on that one. Just goes to show how FICKLE search traffic is though, one change and bang go your results!

Lots of exciting new stuff for the new year and also some new secrets im going to reveal to your for FREE as always 🙂 Watch this space…