I had a thought today (I have them on occasion) Where the hell are all the English internet marketers?

I mean are there any? Apart from me that is and I`m not famous 🙂 I can list reams of cool sounding American ones like Corey Rudl (did he have a name change) Joe Vitale, John Reese, Marlon Sanders etc These names go round and round and yet I never hear of an English marketer? Oh yes sorry Yanik forgot you 🙂 Perhaps it`s because we English have names like John Smith, Dave Brown and Mr Bean! which is not quite in the same league as Joe (Mr Fire) Vitale is it 🙂

Or is it because as a rule Americans are so much more into the whole hype thing than us Brits are! Certainly as an industry the Guru and Expert status gets bandied about an awfull lot where internet marketing is concerned. Although I never hear Richard Branson being called a Guru and he`s probably got more money than all of them put together! Anyway I digress, what are your thoughts here?

Is the whole internet dominated by the Americans when it comes to internet marketing and related products and services? Or are there some famous Brit and or European ones that I have missed (sacrilage)