Damion wins again!!

I want to check his head as he must have a 666 in there somewhere!

You have to give the Yankee’s credit for a surprisingly large voter turn out. Whether or not you liked the outcome, it’s four more years of Bush et al. In our humble opinion that means the continued and perhaps even more rapid erosion of everyone’s civil liberties throughout the world…..

The bottom line, regardless of the reason or excuses like 9/11, is
that civil liberties under the Bush and Blair (UK) administrations
have eroded dramatically and intentionally. Any rational thinking
person has to admit that FACT, REGARDLESS of the reasons for the
erosion. Historically, once civil liberties and freedoms are taken
away, one NEVER gets them back, unless the people rise up and
overthrows the government, the government is overthrown by outside
forces as what happened with Nazi Germany, Japan and more recently
Iraq, or self destructs like what happened to The Roman Empire and the
former Soviet Union.

History repeats itself. This will most assuredly happen to Amerika
one day. Amerika will cease to be the world sole super power.
Perhaps not in our lifetime, but sooner rather than later. China is
set to become (at today’s current growth rate,) the number one
economic power in less than 50 years. If you look BACK 50 years,
America NEVER won the Korean war because of China’s intervention, and
that was more than 50 years ago! Communist China has become an
economic power whether or not anyone likes that fact.

We have already seen Amerika cow towing to communist China with
America’s appeasing attitude towards North Korea. How can the US go
to war in Iraq where there were no known WMD, when North Korea
admitted they had not only ordinary weapons of mass destruction, but
NUCLEAR bombs?

The united States (correct spelling,) under Bush has boxed itself into
a corner. It declared war on the Axis of evil, invaded Iraq and is
now wallowing in its own misery, bogged down in nasty quagmire
(terrorist) war in Iraq because of inept pre and post war planning.

In addition Iran has admitted to having nuclear weapons. What is the
US to do, invade both North Korea and Iran? Then where next to invade
and liberate the people? Sudan and ???

What this all means is that by America exerting its policies
worldwide, whether they are right or wrong, our civil liberties will
continue to be affected in a negative manner.

We wish our American friends well during the next four years. We
trust that Bush et al rethink their past mistakes and work towards a
genuine world peace. Only time will tell, but based on its past
record, things aren’t looking so good for the Yankees overseas.

Thanks to PT


lets hope labour dont win again in the UK! Still if UKIP dont sort themselves out what are we left with! The bloody torys again and another 30 years of ripping the railways up only to rebuild it all!!! ha ha