Internet marketing: Make your Words Sell

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As much as I LOVE good design I am the first to admit that it's the words that sell - not the software. Not the cool graphics. And not your expensive Flash presentation. A zillion visitors a week won't generate sales unless those visitors are persuaded to buy from you. And only words, you know these little characters unfolding before your very eyes! - powerful, persuasive, and professionally crafted words - will do it!

Now dont get me wrong here :) Design is VERY important! Because as sure as eggs is eggs if you have great copy and BAD design then that's just about as bad as having BAD copy and great design. Users will still click away and NOT purchase from you! Or read your Blog for that matter :)

When we see a woman, man, car, or a panorama that we like. The decision that we like what we see takes a split second. If we like what we see, we investigate further by looking some more (This is the part that gets me in trouble with her indoors)! The looking more part! In the case of a Blog or website we investigate further by reading! So your design should be instantly pleasing and your words should do the rest.

So Decide NOW Which You would prefer

1. Web Design Awards?
2. A Cool Web Site with all the bells and whistles?
3. Dramatically Improved Sales Figures Using Powerful Copywriting?
4. A mixture of great design and great copywriting?
5. Angelina Jolie or Brad Pit ha ha :)


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Honestly, I steadfastly stand against the "looking the part" facade of the NINdustry.

Given it appeals to the masses, my tenure has comprised of enough Corporate Gigs of the same mindset to reject with great distain.

So often the sorts exhibit "smoke and mirrors" characteristix looking the part, dressing the part, talking the part, etc; with little to back up the stage show.

Be yourself at all costs.

My 2wo cents.

A Cool Website is a must. Many people click off a site if they do not percieve the site as being well designed.

Its like meeting meeting clients and making a sale.. you wouldnt make the deal if you werent dressed the part.


I think I will choose nr. 4, 'cause I think there also is "saying" in how the blog present it self.... But I totally agree on the words - they are important - and why I'm commenting this very moment :) I liked your words today!

I guess I should add that there are certain proviso's for this mind you.

Some websites don't need words, and can get away with full flash media and all the bells and whisltes, simply because thats who they are and everyone knows them anyway! Not every site wants sales copy on their website.

However I do firmly believe that Blogs in particular need a mixture of both though. A great Blog must be captivating for its audience but also fun to look at and use! It would not take long for a great Blog to lose its traffic if the author started posting crap. Or worse still stopped posting regularly!


I choose 4 also Anne :) or try to that is!

I prefer #4, especially where blogs are concerned. I've seen many graphic-heavy blogs. Most of the time, I find myself clicking away before I get a chance to read the content because the graphics take too long to load on my dialup. On the opposite side, I've seen some very plain blogs with great content that get virtually ignored.

As a writer and blogger, I've learned that you have to pay equal attention to the presentation and the content.

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